My experience at Purdue

By Jurguen Bermudez in Life

December 11, 2019

This has been one of the most remarkable experiences in my life. The first time I traveled to USA was in 2016, I spent a week in Boston; however, this time I have lived in Indiana for 5 months, so I really had to adapt my self to this culture, language and academic environment.


English has always been difficult to me since I was High school. About 3 years ago, I had to stick to several routines to improve my skills; for example: I listen to a ten minutes podcast everyday in the morning and I am always reading at least one book written in English. Indeed, one of the reasons to do my graduation project in USA was to put me in a situation where I had to speak, write, listen and read English all day.

Here, I realized that sometimes the problem is not a lack of vocabulary, but a lack of confidence. Learning is about try, fail and enjoy the process because the mere fact of being humble enough to learn something new is admirable.

I keep learning.


Education is beautiful no matter the place; it is just wonderful being there when the knowledge is created. An equation in the board, the members of the research group talking about it: does that lemma make sense?, is it the best way to prove it?, are we missing some constraint? All of them are PhD students from different countries and backgrounds, but math and science are common languages that can unite us in seconds because curiosity and the seek of knowledge are something that we all share as humans. Amazing, right?


One of the these days I was watching the second season of Abtract on Netflix. In the second episode, Neri Oxman says that the realization of how much we love our home comes when we are far away from it. That is so true because this time has helped me to appreciate even more the magic of Costa Rica. But, missing home can be hard too.

The good thing is that there always be people that will you show us hospitality and kindness and that is when “home” is wherever we feel appreciation and joy. It is fair to say that I met people who made feel like home. Gracias Ticos Lafayattenses and thank you to all the persons around the world that gave me so much happiness during this journey.

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December 11, 2019
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